Your Privacy. Your Call.

Protect your privacy – at the push of one button. Nothing is possible at OnStar without your okay.


  • For your safety, you decide on a PIN when you set up your account. If you would like to use the Remote Door Unlock1 or the Stolen Vehicle Assistance, the OnStar advisor will ask for it. That makes it clear: not the thief – only you have access to your car.
  • If you keep the Privacy Button in your car pushed for approximately five seconds, you mask your car’s location at any time. If you change your mind, press the Privacy Button for five seconds again to reveal your location. The only exception: a real emergency.1
  • Your privacy is important to us: We will never pass on your personal data without your consent. Your information will only be disclosed to OnStar and GM Holdings LLC (USA), its affiliate companies (e.g. Adam Opel AG), your selected/preferred dealers, companies involved in providing or carrying out the OnStar services and, at your request, to other service companies.


1 Remote Door Lock/Unlock is not available for Meriva. Click here for more information
2 In events such as a crash or if your vehicle is stolen.